Thursday, October 25, 2012

Differentiating between Site Pages and Application Pages


Whenever you need to design SharePoint Solutions you will find the requirement for creating pages to a site. Therefore you must be knowing the fundamental difference between Site Pages and Application Pages so that you can decide which one to use and when. Therefore in this post I am trying to summarize the difference between the two.

Advantages Site Pages
Site Pages support customization through the browser and with SharePoint designer 2010. Example of Site Pages is NewForm.aspx, AllItems.aspx, EditForm.aspx.

Disadvantages Site Pages
Site Pages require elaborate processing infrastructure that has implications on security, performance and scalability. Also the Site Pages run in Safe Mode and hence its not possible to write inline code. Each customized page instance must be loaded separately into memory.

Advantages Application Pages
Application pages do not support customization, this gives them a few distinctive advantage over Site Pages:

  • First, they can be used in scenarios where we don’t want to give the control to user to edit the page.
  • Second, they do not run in safe mode and hence inline coding is possible
  • Third, each Application page is compiled into a single assembly DLL, this makes it perform better and scalable then site pages that can be customized.

Disadvantages Application Pages
Application pages are deployed inside the SharePoint root directory, which means that they cannot be used in Sandbox Solution.

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